Cooked Burger

Not all Beef is created equally, and burgers aren't either

We think the most important part of any burger is the meat. This sounds ridiculously obvious, but it really is true. When we look for the perfect burger we are looking for the harder working muscles in the cow. These muscles have myoglobin, a protein found in the muscle cells and it provides oxygen to the working muscles. It’s also responsible for giving beef its red colour and lovely ‘beefy’ flavour. Also these cuts give a naturally optimal meat to fat ratio for burger making. 

The texture comes from the grind. At Tim Jones we put our meat through a medium plate twice to give us the perfect mix.

Remember when it comes to a great burger, fat is your new friend, we aim for a 80/20 ratio. Fat gives the burger its juiciness and its flavour.

Your burgers will stick to cold grills, so preheat the grill for at least 12-15 minutes, and that is not good. This is where love comes in and you need to pay attention.

If you want a juicy, medium cooked burger, you want to aim for 4-5 minutes on each side, keep the flipping to a minimum and just flip once or twice.

Now if you want to add cheese, do it at the very end and close the cover of the grill for 30 seconds or else pop a heatproof bowl over the burger to melt the cheese beautifully over your creation.

Everyone talks about brioche buns, but why not try a classic white or brown bap from a good local baker is your best bet.

Our local takeaway has used local brown Kerry bread buns for over twenty years and they are hard to beat as they compliment our burgers perfectly.

Size matters…you want to make sure the bun fits your burger, too small, it’s difficult to eat, especially when you add salad and sauces, then if it is too big, you will be eating too much bread in every bite. Don’t forget to lightly toast the buns on the grill to finish your masterpiece off.

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